Instagram Model Jacqui de Jong on Stepping Up Your Instagram Content for More Followers

In an era where the digital landscape is overwhelmingly crowded, standing out on social media platforms like Instagram can feel like navigating through an intricate maze without a map. Despite the magnetic allure of TikTok and Snapchat among younger demographics, craving instantaneous entertainment, Instagram continues to witness a significant surge in audience growth. In early 2024, the platform celebrated a year-on-year audience growth exceeding 25 percent, boasting an impressive 2 billion monthly active users. This renaissance underscores a pivotal narrative; while new users flock to this digital sanctuary, the quintessence of cultivating an organic following remains paramount.

The distinction between organically growing your audience and resorting to the ephemeral allure of pay-for-play sites is profound. While some brands may gravitate towards shortcuts in their quest for more followers, these strategies are ultimately futile. The Instagram algorithm has become adept at identifying and demoting low-quality accounts bolstered by paid bots and phony engagement. However, authentic audience growth demands perseverance and strategic finesse.

Enter Jacqui de Jong, an Instagram model whose philosophy embodies authenticity and originality. De Jong’s approach to amassing a genuine following on Instagram eschews conventional tactics in favor of personal authenticity. “It’s a very organic process,” de Jong shares. Her strategy pivots away from trending sounds or ideas within her reels—Instagram’s short-form video feature known for its expansive reach—choosing instead to carve her unique path.

To achieve this distinctiveness on Instagram requires more than just posting captivating content; it necessitates a thoughtful presentation of one’s digital persona. Starting with something as fundamental as having a search-friendly username that resonates with or closely mirrors your brand name can significantly impact discoverability. Moreover, ensuring your profile picture is professional—a legible logo if applicable—sets a critical first impression for potential followers.

Another cornerstone of de Jong’s strategy is the judicious use of her website link as the sole conduit channeling her Instagram traffic toward meaningful destinations. This attention to detail transforms mere followers into engaged visitors, followers and friends.

De Jong’s emphasis on authenticity extends beyond content creation; it informs how she engages with her community and similar niches on Instagram. By actively following, commenting on, and supporting the work of others within her niche, de Jong fosters genuine online relationships that often transcend digital interactions into tangible friendships and collaborations.

This ethos of authenticity serves as the bedrock upon which de Jong has built her following: making content that resonates personally before anything else. “I do what I feel like doing, and it grows from there,” says de Jong regarding her content creation process which began primarily with photos but has since evolved to include reels due to their greater outreach potential. “You have to always start with what you truly want to express.”

De Jong also underscores the importance of using hashtags effectively—notably ones that align with one’s stage name or brand identity—to further enhance visibility within the vast expanse of Instagram’s content universe. The more specific, the better.

While there’s no silver bullet for success on platforms as dynamic and user-driven as Instagram, de Jong’s narrative offers valuable insights into building an organic following grounded in genuineness rather than gimmicks. It’s not about mimicking fleeting trends but rather staying true to oneself—a principle that transcends social media strategy to reflect broader life philosophies.

As we navigate through the continuously evolving landscape of social media marketing, Jacqui de Jong stands as a light for those aspiring not just to grow their authentic followers but to cultivate a community rooted in authenticity and mutual respect.

For those intrigued by Jacqui de Jong’s journey or seeking inspiration for their own path towards authentic engagement on Instagram, follow her journey @jacquibabydejong on both Instagram and TikTok or visit for a deeper dive into her world.

Photo credits: Photo by Sariah Felix (@sariahfelix_) with hair and makeup by Daniela NYC (@makeupbydanielanyc).

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